Become a Member

Being an EAGA member is rewarding for many reasons beyond just business. Our members share camaraderie as well as referrals. The spirit of EAGA is one of goodwill and generosity. All of the members in EAGA are representatives of different local industries, which amplifies the networking opportunities available.

Some of the benefits of this unique group are listed below:

  • Receive referrals for new business
  • Access to a network of top professionals in their respective fields
  • Four Star breakfast every week provided at The West End Bakery
  • Prime exposure for your business on the EAGA website
  • High degree of accountability between members who work together
  • Business idea exchange and problem solving support
  • Various social outings offered throughout the year; such as a catered Tourists’ baseball game or a carriage ride and dinner in Biltmore
  • Occasional local economic development presentations
  • Ability to feature membership on C.V.
  • 100% of the membership dues remain local and are used for the benefit of the group
  • Friendship and fun

How to Join

We recognize and value differences among our guests and members and strive to create a welcoming environment where each person feels respected. We are always happy to have guests at our Thursday morning networking meetings, and welcome you to contact either the president or a current member you know to request an invitation. As long as your industry is not already represented in the group, you will be invited to attend a morning meeting and your application for membership will be reviewed by the membership board.

To find out whether you qualify to attend, please contact the president at